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Top 5 Spanish beaches

Top beaches in Spain, beach destinationWanting to visit Spain? Then you must not miss the beaches which Spain is famous for. You will feel as if you have reached paradise once you visit the beaches. They are great tourist attractions and are very beautifully maintained and there are lots of facilities available.

Nova Icaria is a very famous beach where you will find golden colored sand. There are beach bars and restaurants available by the side of the beach. The next beach is the Barceloneta which is considered to be the world’s third best beach having excellent facilities for water activities and also has many cafes by its side. The third beach is the Mar bella beach which is famous for the tourists who often go nude. But there are many shady regions which act as great picnic sports. The fourth can be the beaches of Sitges which are well known for its crystal clear waters which are perfect for swimming. Casteldefells is another famous beach which is apt for taking your family to and also enjoying good food in the nearby restaurants.

Things to remember when off to Bulgaria

BulgaTravel Bulgaria, travel tipsria is very beautiful and amazing country with natural, archaeological and cultural landmarks. If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria it is important to remember a few things as to what to see, where to go and what to do in Bulgaria.

There are lot of places to visit and many things you can go for when you are off to Bulgaria. Before continuing any further it is highly recommended to carry your passport or the Xerox copy with you always when you are travelling in this country as the laws are strict here. Now, if you are a lover of mountain climbing, then you can plan to go to Pirin Mountain, Rila Mountain, Vitosha Mountain or Rhodope Mountain. The Trigrad Gorge is the most famous among the others in Bulgaria. If you are a nature lover then definitely remember to visit the Bulgarian caves like Ledenika Cave, Magura Cave, Yagodina Cave, Bacho Kiro Cave and Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave. For accommodation, there are the famous traditional Bulgarian resorts.

Engelwood, Florida : A piece of heaven

Vacation in Engelwood, FloridaEngelwood is a very beautiful place in Florida and the place is suitable for every kinds of vacations. You can go to Engelwood with your friends, family and even honeymoon. You will surely love the place once you go there. You can find innumerable hotels and motels here. You will get many luxurious hotels with really affordable price. You can find many shopping malls in this place, and here you can even get international brands. This place will give you all kinds of comforts and pleasures.

From the sunrise to sunset you can enjoy here. There are many night clubs and discs where you can enjoy your night times. You will also enjoy to walk near the gulf. The natural beauty is impressive. The people here are very cooperative and they also abide by laws. You can even book online tickets and you can pack your bags and get set go.

Travel guide to Turkey

Travel Turkey, travel tipsTurkey is one of the big countries of the world and this country with its capital Istanbul has attracted tourists for a long span of time. This country is very rich in culture and heritage and has relics of Ottoman and Byzantine Empire. You can spend a whole of the 24 hours just watching the relics. This country has population who has faith in Sufism, Islam and Christianity. The people of this country are good and helpful and they believe in religion almost blindly.

Istanbul is the greatest place of Turkey and one of the major tourist attractions of the world. Turkey has many good hotels and restaurants where you can stay in a comfortable and luxurious way. They are cost effective and you can even book them via internet. There are many continental restaurants and so you will not face any problems in foods and beverages. You can get many shopping malls here where you can also find the international brands. The flights fly to and fro between Turkey and other major countries of the world. So you can pack up your bags and set for the historical country of Turkey.

Why is Atlanta a fantastic travel destination?

Travel Atlanta, travel tipsAtlanta is a beautiful travel destination. It is often out-shadowed by other bigger cities. But that does not lessen its importance in the eyes of the tourists. Students particularly take a lot of interest in visiting the place. Some of the noteworthy things to see are mentioned below.

Atlanta has the world’s largest aquarium that is the Georgia Aquarium. It contains a lot of unique species containing all sorts of mammals, reptiles and many other freshwater fishes. The World of Coke and Fernbank museum of National history are famous museums which featuring valuable collections of rich art and architecture. Zoo Atlanta is a famous tourist spots where you will find immense wildlife. The Stone Mountain is the world’s biggest exposed granite piece in the world. You will also find the CNN studios in Atlanta. There are famous restaurants and hotels of all price ranges which will make your stay even more comfortable. For details, search from google. Cheap tickets are available online which you can book instantly.

Vacationing in Thailand

Travel Thailand, ThailandThailand is a very beautiful place. There are a lot of place to go and a lot of things to do in Thailand. This is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia and is the epitome of cultural heritage and hospitality. It is a picturesque country adorned by the water bodies and a beautiful landscape. The beaches of this area are very beautiful. You will not want to get out of these fantastic beaches when you hit them once.

The beaches are the most attractive features of Thailand. The beaches are not just sand and water but are adorned by colorful stalls with various kinds of things to be bought. There are a number of water sports to be enjoyed in these beaches. The city areas of Thailand are brilliant as well. These areas are squeaky clean and there are a number of great shopping destinations and dinning areas all over the place.

Dubai: sun sand and the sea

Travel Dubai, DubaiDubai is a very beautiful place. It is cosmopolitanism personified. There are a lot of things to do and a number of places to visit in this area. The options of dining are great with a number of world-renowned restaurants. Dubai is also a fabulous shopping destination. The roads are clean and the huge constructions would mesmerize you. However, Dubai is not only about the glitz and about glamour.

The natural beauty id Dubai is also quite impressive. The water bodies and the beaches of Dubai are a very nice place to spend some tine in. you will be able to enjoy the warmth of nature even when you are in the middle of such a busy cosmopolitan city. Such is the charm of Dubai. The sun is pretty strong in this place and it gives you the perfect temperatures to relax in your bathing suits in the beautiful beaches of Dubai.

Top 5 places to visit in the Mediterranean’s

Mediterranean travel, travel tipsIf you are planning a trip to the Mediterranean’s then the places that you must ensure are a part of your visit list are the following:

Leaning tower of Pisa with 57 meters of height, an estimated weight of 14500 tons  and with 294 steps this piece of work was intended to stand vertically but began to lean soon after construction in 1173 had begun.

Naples has the San Francesco di Paola Church which is in a form of a semicircular square which gives you an amazing view of the Castel nuova and Mount Vesuvius. It is present in Piazza Plebiscito. It is well known for its Renaissance work.

Costa Smerelda is a 55 kilometer coastal area on the Mediterranean which was developed and enhanced by Prince Aga Khan. It is also known as the emerald coast.

Barcelona is a coastal city in east Spain. It offers a lot of street theatres market stalls and cafes which gives you a feel of the emotion of the city.

Florence- you must visit the Ponte Veccio, which is a bridge on the Amo River, the fountain of Neptune in the piazza Della Signorita.

Exoticness at its beat in the Bahamas

Travel Bahamas, beach travelPlanning a holiday trip equipped with ultimate luxury and exoticness? Then you should consider traveling to the Bahamas, a place to serve your purpose the best. Situated on the mighty Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida it is very small as a nation but is full of resources for the ultimate recreation. It is considered to be one of the ideal places for the cruises. There are also a number of luxurious resorts and hotels with all the modern amenities.

Bahamas along with its soft sandy beaches, turquoise warm ocean water and scenic beauty is an ultimate holiday destination for you and your loved ones. You can try your mettle at the sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with Atlantic dolphins, etc. Even after all these if you are still craving for the more then you must visit the local golf course and the casinos. In short the Bahamas is the place full of all types of exoticness for you.

Antigua: Truly a beautiful destination

Travel Antigua, beautiful destinationsHolidaying in Antigua can be an excellent way to spend a good time with your family or friends. Contrary to the general notion, holidaying in Antigua goes well beyond the beaches. While it can be great experience to laze around the beaches of Antigua but there are so many other things that could be done. There is a dockyard of Nelson in Antigua that is completely resorted. This is more of a historic site and your visit to this place can be a very memorable one.

There is another really good place that you could visit and it is known as the St. John’s. This place is Antigua’s capital and it is the most active part of the area. There are a number of modern shops and interesting markets in this place. There are a number of good bars, restaurants and nice hotels in this part of the area. There are many other places to go and a lot of things to do in Antigua.