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Exploring the Beach of Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach, beach travelWaikiki is known as the Mecca for tourists. It’s a place snuggled away in Hawaii and is known as one of the most beautiful beaches Hawaii has to offer. The golden white sand, outstretched blue seas all wrapped in the glistening warm sun is like a blessing in disguise. The beauty and breathtaking sceneries in Waikiki will definitely make your trip a memorable one. Situated in the city of Honolulu, Waikiki is pretty well known to tourists and there are people coming in all around the world. The whole beach is 2 miles long and is nearby to several good hotels and food joints and the Kapiolani Park.

You can also take part in various water activities at Waikiki beach like snorkeling, canoeing, and surfing. It’s a family beach and you can keep your kids engaged for hours in swimming and sand castle building. You can even have family picnics here. The neighborhood is friendly and the whole atmosphere is very homely at Waikiki beach.

Must go to destinations in Berlin

Travel Berlin, travel tipsBerlin being the capital city of Germany is said to be one of the most attractive places in the world. Teaming up with galleries and museums, guerrilla clubs, grand opera , ethnic snack bars, whether your taste run to punk or posh, you can state them in Berlin. When it comes to art, fashion, dance and music this German city is never left behind. Visit the Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Potsdam and many more and explore the city at its best.

Cafes are jam packed all the time hours, boozing is a religious right and clubs are known for their exorbitant ambience which continues till the darkest hour of nights. Yet, in spite of its often frenzied pace, Berlin functions on an extremely human scale. So come be part of the party and be blown off your feet by the quirks, riches and vivacity of this enthralling city. Twenty years after its post-Wall rebirth, Berlin is a scene-stealing combo of glamour and girt.

Spending a beach holiday in Asia

beach holiday, travel AsiaAsia has become one of the most popular tourist areas in the world. There are some of the best beach destinations in this part of the world. One of the best sea areas in Asia is Malaysia. It is known for their clear beaches and a remarkably hospitable culture. You also get a taste of some of the most amazing seafood in the world. The place is also a shopper’s paradise and the resorts are known for the amazing body massages they offer.

Another great beach destination in Asia is Phuket. It is a place of great adventure and it is known for the exciting water sports that it has to offer to the tourists. Another breathtaking destination in Asia is the beach city of Goa, in India. It is a place which is always in a festive mood and you can experience almost any pleasure in this little beach.