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What is medical travel insurance?

medical travel insurance, travel insuranceThere are many different kinds of insurance these days. While house insurance, car insurance, life insurance and medical insurance are more common, insurances like medical travel insurance are slowly emerging as the new favorite among those who love to travel. Medical travel insurance takes care of all your medical trips while you are travelling can be extremely helpful in case of medical emergencies.

There is no saying when you might get hurt physically or fall sick and suffer from illness while you are on a trip, within or outside your country. This kind of insurance can be applied for when you are made your travelling plans, but have some time before you leave for the trip.

There are temporary and long term medical travel insurance to choose from and one can choose either depending on what kind of a traveler they are. Medical travel insurance takes care of all your medical needs, from the doctor’s fee to the medicines while you are travelling.

Europe’s city of cathedrals and bridges, Prague

Travel Europe, EuropeThis city is one of the most visited cities in the whole of Europe, known for its charm and beauty. The city’s landscape will have bridges, Vltava River and high rising cathedrals. The city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. During the World War II, this is one of the cities that escaped the wartime destruction.

This article guides you through the city of Cathedrals and bridges:

• To have a nice view of the city, visit the Prague castle. Since this castle is situated on a hilltop, it provides a wonderful view of the entire city.
• Another must visit place in Prague is the Charles bridge. This is one of the oldest bridges in Europe and was founded by Charles IV in 1357.
• Powder tower, this is a 19th century monument, which has housed the Gunpowder during that time.

Discovering the best of Mexican Cuisines

Mexican Cuisines, famous cuisinesIf you are in Mexico then you cannot go away without tasting Mexican Cuisines where local mouth-watering delicacies will simply blow your mind. Most tourists come to Mexico only to taste its exceptional cuisines and delicacies which are rarest in the world. If you are looking for a sweet dish then Camote is the one you should try out. It is a side dish with blend of sweet potatoes, honey and butter and when you eat it you will find it extremely delicious.

Cecina which people say tastes bit like beef jerky can be made from both beef and pork and it should be cooked in right manner so as to let it taste delicious. The look alike of banana, Platanos tastes extremely delicious and it is soft on inside but quite crispy on outside. It can be found in the Mexican section of the grocery store and is extremely delicious to eat.

Exploring the best of Madagascar

Madagascar travel, travel MadagascarMadagascar or the “Great Red Island” is widely famous for its unique system and some of the best natural sights. Here is a short brief on exploring Madagascar at its best. First of all, you have Ranomafana National Park. It’s set up on a huge rainforest with exotically diverse wildlife. The National Park houses twelve species of lemurs & wide range birds and lizards. In fact, the park is said to be the ideal place to view the lemurs, the most famous animal in Madagascar.

Then you have Ile Ste-Marie which is also known as the Nosy Boraha. It’s a small island on Madagascar which was once infamous as the chief piracy center in Indian Ocean. However, today the small island has turned to one of the most fantastic whale-watching spots with great opportunities for many water sports such as fishing, diving and surfing.

You cannot afford to miss out on “Royal Hill of Ambohimanga” on your trip to Madagascar. It’s declared as a World Heritage Spot by UNESCO and is characterized by archaic city ruins, burial sites & religious features of great historic significance.