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The Elusive Winchester House of California

Elusive Winchester House, travel destinationIf you are an enthusiastic traveler and would like to do something freaky this vacation, you should go for a tour for the Winchester house in northern California. It was owned by Sarah Winchester who was the widow of William Wirt Winchester. They owned a gun company and it’s known to be haunted. According to the legend, Sarah Winchester was told by the spirits around her that she had to build a house and for the ones who had fallen prey to the buckets which they had made.

According to her, it was her only way for redemption. So it’s said that the Winchester house holds spirits from the ones who got shot and died. There are several rooms in that house and people have said that they have heard screams and wails, felt cold spots, felt that they have been touched or grazed by unseen entities. It’ll be a really interesting trip.