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Enjoying The Night View Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, travel IndiaTaj Mahal in Agra is the proof of the undying love Shah Jahan (Mughal Emperor) had for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The beauty of this monument is so mesmerizing that you are unable to express it in words. Visiting Taj Mahal during the night time is perfect because the view of the monument at night is magical.

You should make it a point to visit the Taj Mahal at night especially during the moonlit nights. Earlier tourists were not allowed to view the Taj Mahal at night but now the Supreme Court in India has given its permission to allow visitors to witness this gorgeous monument at night.

When the moonlight falls on this white marble monument, it shines like a diamond and looks like one of those castles from some fairy tale. Once you see Taj Mahal at night you will never forget about its splendor and magnificence. Just ensure you follow the rules while visiting it at night time.

Beach Destinations in India

Beach Destinations in IndiaThere are many beach destinations to choose from in India. Among them are the famous beaches on both the eastern and western coast of the India. On the east the coast are beaches at Digha in West Bengal and Puri in Orissa. The beaches in Digha are surrounded by beach resorts which are booming along both New Digha and Old Digha. The beach at Shankarpur and Mandarmoni are more rural and are dotted with candid beaches. Along the western coast there are some exquisite beaches to choose from. The beaches at Kerala are a beautiful tourist destination along the backwaters. The white beaches at Goa are also a sure crowd puller and by far offer the best beaches in India.

The beach destinations at Goa have special facilities for international tourists and hence are a more costly. The other beaches are less crowded than in Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Kerela and Goa. These are rural and have lesser facilities available.