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Things to enjoy during a vacation in China

vacation in ChinaIf you and your family members share a love for all things oriental, then a family vacation to China might be a wonderful idea. For a lot of people China is still a country that is situated on the dark side of the moon but the truth is that China is very old country with an ancient civilization and the rich history, culture and tradition of this country has a lot to offer to its tourists. If you are adventurous then you must surely explore the scenic spots and hills of China and discover how beautiful and unique this country actually is.

A lot of people might not be aware of it bit except for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, there is a tropical side to China and this side offers some amazing beaches to the vacationers. In the southern province of China, there is the alluring and amazing island of Hainan which is home to rich culture which beach lovers will thoroughly enjoy. It is the small land and largest island province of China. The most popular destination in Hainan is Sanya and here the white sand beaches of Dadonghai and the bay of Yalong will simply take your breath away!

If you go on the Chinese vacation with the sole objective of taking a break from the daily gring and relax then you can indulge in some golf. Golfing is a very popular travel sport in China and there are four absolutely beautiful golf courses in China where you can swing your club and enjoy the game to the fullest. The top attractions of China are Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Kunming and you must definitely not miss out on these places during your vacation. Since no Chinese vacation is complete with shopping, you can get clothes, shoes, bags and gadgets at very reasonable prices from the Chinese markets.