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Bangkok: Shop, Eat and Rejoice

travel bangkokThe moment one hears the name Bangkok the first thing that comes to their mind is shopping, eating and making merry. One can never get tired of shopping and eating and nonetheless sightseeing. Bangkok is one of South Asia’s most vibrant, cherished dynamic, exotic destinations of millions. This cultural epicenter and shopping paradise entice travelers each year to its bountiful markets, luxury hotels, and stunning scenery and not to forget the tantalizing cuisine. It’s also known as the Land of Thousands Smiles. The vibrant nightlife and the amazing lip smacking street snacks. In this friendly city there’s something for everyone, which includes cultural junkie stuff for the shopaholics. There are more than 400 glorious golden temples to visit.

Bangkok is one of the few cities which retain its original communities; The Grand Palace temple is extremely strict about their dress code at the temple. The ancient world class skyscrapers are waiting for you.

The Phra Nakorn and Thonburi:

Phra Nakorn known as the holy city of Bangkok. It has a vibrant street life and has most of Bangkok’s popular landmarks. It is across the river Chao Phraya and faces the preceding capital, Thonburi.

Phra Nakorn is an island in the shape of a conch bounded by the river. Around the City Hall is the spiritual centre of Buddhism and Hinduism. There are so many sites and monasteries to see, that you would have to take a real long vacation for that. There are train lines reshaping the suburbs and connecting metropolis to downtown. The weekend markets, bars and parks are a must to see. They have a lot of floating markets too.

Bangkok is a place to enjoy as one gets a lot of things cheap which makes businessman rejoice as they take it to other countries and sell at a higher rate. Food is exotic, as one gets confused with the variety to suit everyone’s taste buds. So what are you waiting for pack up your bags and say Bangkok here I come.