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Visiting Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South KoreaSeoul is a city deep in the waves of urbanization. With the high skyscrapers all over the city and black Mercedes on the roads it is a perfect example depicting the busy huzz- buzz of city life. posh departmental stores, fancy boutiques and shops lining the pavement where men and women walk to their work and offices from everyday is the proof of how highly urbanized this place is actually. However, even with the shops selling anything and everything this city has a lot to offer to someone who is on his/ her first visit to that side of the world.

The Gyeongbok palace is truly one of its kinds. It is walking distance from the Blue house where the president resides and it’s the former seat of power of this city. Built in the 1300’s this palace has been prone to destruction and construction very many times. The gone days of yore are reminded of when strolling through the beautiful and picturesque village of Bukchon. This village is known by its old and traditional ways of house construction using flanks of wood.

The shinsegae department store is one the top three biggest departmental stores. This store is capable to make the seoulites pay a few dollars to buy some hand grown oranges or melons. On the top floor are the city’s big shots buying the branded silk scarves and Ferragamo shoes.

Bugaksan is one of the best mountain climbs you could have in this city. This climbs takes you the ancient fortresses and 15th century gates of the seoul city making your trek adventurous and interesting. Cheonggyecheon stream is a serene and quiet walk just by one of the busiest streets here. Inspite of being so close to the city the serenity and calmness is there because of the 15 ft gap of the stream from the busy city roads.