Authentic Chinese delights in Shanghai

Attraction in Shanghai, travel ChinaShanghai is one of the biggest cities in China. Apart from many other attractions, the city is also very popular for its cuisines it is a coastal city and so it is only obvious that the place will have some amazing seafood to offer. Oysters and crabs are cooked in various preparations or they are eaten raw as well. They are taken with eel and seaweed; they could be stewed with the shiitake mushrooms.

One of the local delicacies of this area is garlic and rice wine. Xiao Long Bao is a very famous Chinese version of the dim sum. It is prepared by taking different buns inside a steamer made of bamboo and dipping it in vinegar. Sugar is very popularly used in making authentic Shanghai delights. It is mixed with soy sauce to get a good flavor. Many dishes of chicken and meat are made by this mixture.

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