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Universal Studio, Singapore

Universal Studio, SingaporeUniversal Studio in Singapore, situated on the small island of Sentosa presents magnificent shopping and world class entertainment. It is considered as the lone place that permits you to walk directly into the movies. The park consists of many amusement occurrences and movie themed appeals.

• The best time to get around this park is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because on these days there is less traffic. Moving around in the crowd can be quite uncomfortable during weekends.

• Some rides catch the attention of tremendously extended line. You can pay extra money for the express pass which can be greatly beneficial for you. One day is enough for you to travel the whole park if you have the express pass.

• A common direction- Enjoy the rides in the morning as the sun can be scorching hot during the afternoon. In the afternoon, watch the indoor shows.

• Check out the timing for the shows- Don’t fail to see the exclusive attraction at New York- lights camera action hosted by Steven Spielberg and the live water show at the water world.

• The most chaotic roller coaster ride at Batllestar Galastica is specially meant for the brave hearted ones. While the not- so-faint hearted ones will be delighted to ascertain the enchanted airways and canopy flyer.

• Madagascar- A crate adventure, magic potion spin, treasure hunters, dino-soarin and the kings Julian beach party go-round are some of the calm and attractive rides highly suggested for the little ones.

• Jurassic park rapid adventure and the water world are the two ends where you can get wet. Arrange for the clothes if you want to for your kids.

• In order to click some pictures of the place carry camera with yourself to capture the nice memories with you.

• Shopping varieties wait for you at numerous stores presenting universal studios themed collectibles, memorabilia star characters souvenir.

Visiting Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South KoreaSeoul is a city deep in the waves of urbanization. With the high skyscrapers all over the city and black Mercedes on the roads it is a perfect example depicting the busy huzz- buzz of city life. posh departmental stores, fancy boutiques and shops lining the pavement where men and women walk to their work and offices from everyday is the proof of how highly urbanized this place is actually. However, even with the shops selling anything and everything this city has a lot to offer to someone who is on his/ her first visit to that side of the world.

The Gyeongbok palace is truly one of its kinds. It is walking distance from the Blue house where the president resides and it’s the former seat of power of this city. Built in the 1300’s this palace has been prone to destruction and construction very many times. The gone days of yore are reminded of when strolling through the beautiful and picturesque village of Bukchon. This village is known by its old and traditional ways of house construction using flanks of wood.

The shinsegae department store is one the top three biggest departmental stores. This store is capable to make the seoulites pay a few dollars to buy some hand grown oranges or melons. On the top floor are the city’s big shots buying the branded silk scarves and Ferragamo shoes.

Bugaksan is one of the best mountain climbs you could have in this city. This climbs takes you the ancient fortresses and 15th century gates of the seoul city making your trek adventurous and interesting. Cheonggyecheon stream is a serene and quiet walk just by one of the busiest streets here. Inspite of being so close to the city the serenity and calmness is there because of the 15 ft gap of the stream from the busy city roads.

Bangkok: Shop, Eat and Rejoice

travel bangkokThe moment one hears the name Bangkok the first thing that comes to their mind is shopping, eating and making merry. One can never get tired of shopping and eating and nonetheless sightseeing. Bangkok is one of South Asia’s most vibrant, cherished dynamic, exotic destinations of millions. This cultural epicenter and shopping paradise entice travelers each year to its bountiful markets, luxury hotels, and stunning scenery and not to forget the tantalizing cuisine. It’s also known as the Land of Thousands Smiles. The vibrant nightlife and the amazing lip smacking street snacks. In this friendly city there’s something for everyone, which includes cultural junkie stuff for the shopaholics. There are more than 400 glorious golden temples to visit.

Bangkok is one of the few cities which retain its original communities; The Grand Palace temple is extremely strict about their dress code at the temple. The ancient world class skyscrapers are waiting for you.

The Phra Nakorn and Thonburi:

Phra Nakorn known as the holy city of Bangkok. It has a vibrant street life and has most of Bangkok’s popular landmarks. It is across the river Chao Phraya and faces the preceding capital, Thonburi.

Phra Nakorn is an island in the shape of a conch bounded by the river. Around the City Hall is the spiritual centre of Buddhism and Hinduism. There are so many sites and monasteries to see, that you would have to take a real long vacation for that. There are train lines reshaping the suburbs and connecting metropolis to downtown. The weekend markets, bars and parks are a must to see. They have a lot of floating markets too.

Bangkok is a place to enjoy as one gets a lot of things cheap which makes businessman rejoice as they take it to other countries and sell at a higher rate. Food is exotic, as one gets confused with the variety to suit everyone’s taste buds. So what are you waiting for pack up your bags and say Bangkok here I come.

Trip to Berlin

Trip to BerlinTired with your hectic life and overworked schedule? Looking for a quick vacation with family to get your mind off things and get some change of air? Well if you wish to go to an attractive place and enjoy your hearts out, Berlin might just be the place for you.
The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. From museums to galleries, grand operas to guerrilla clubs, there are a host of places in the city sure to keep the entire family entertained throughout the course of the trip.

A number of travel agencies offer tourist packages which consist of sightseeing around the city, visiting famous landmarks and tourist destinations in Berlin as well as an exhibition on the “story of Berlin”. You must not miss out on the exhibition. It is an exciting watch in which you are shown the entire history of Berlin from the past to the present. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and the family.

Some must see landmarks in Berlin are the Bradenburg gate (is found in the western part of the city and plays a very important role in the history of Germany), Schloss Charlottenburg (largest palace in the city, also called Charlottenburg palace), the Fernsehturm (television tower which is 1200 feet tall), the Holocaust memorial, the Berlin Wall and the Museum island. These are just to name a few.
There are ethnic snack bars which cater to whichever kind of taste you have, be it old and posh or new and quirky. Cafes are jam packed most of the time and drinking is a sacred right of all people.
Twenty years after the city took a post war rebirth, Berlin is now a beautiful combination of new world glamour and old world charm. So come and be blown off by the riches, vivacity and quirkiness of this beautiful city.

Tips to hire car rental companies

car rental companiesThe best way to explore a new city is to do it by a car. This is so because hiring a car means that you can visit all the places according to your own convenience and at your own timing. But you can only rest assured about this if you have a car hired from the most appropriate company. The vehicle that you are buying must also be the best and must suit your purpose. Here are some tips that you must follow in order to get the best deal for yourself.

a) You must go through the advertisements in the newspaper and online to get the best deals. You must make a comparative analysis between the cost and the services that each one is providing you with. You must also make sure that the charges are explicitly mentioned so as to avoid any surprise charges later on.
b) You must not just rely on the advertisement that is available on the website but you should also make sure that you yourself call up the customer acre service. This will help you to get the detailed information as well as the discounts, if any that they are offering.
c) The charges that will be charged for extra services must be known from beforehand. Roadside assistance, especially if you have elderly people with you will be required. So you should clarify the charges for them. This will be very helpful for you in making the cost-benefit analysis so that you can take a judicious decision.
d) You can also enquire about the car insurance, if any that the rental company is providing. In most cases your personal insurance can also cover the rental car, but you must keep this in mind and talk to the company before making huge payments for the insurance.

These will surely help you to choose the correct care rental company for yourself.

Valuable Information About Namibia Safari

Namibia SafariAfrican safari trips offer wonderful experiences to the tourists. Those of you who love adventure must make it a point to undertake an African safari trip in Namibia. Namibia safari will give you the opportunity to behold enchanting sights of nature and you will be able to get a closer look at the tradition and culture of this city in particular and Africa in general. So the next time you plan for a safari trip, Namibia should be your first choice.

If you are an animal lover then Namibia safari is perfect for you. You can literally witness cheetahs running at high speed to catch their prey or elephants caressing their babies, while you are undertaking a safari trip in Namibia. Another interesting thing about Namibia safari trip is that you can get a sneak peek into the lives of the tribal people who are living in this city untouched and unscathed by the overwhelming influence of the modern day world. The wild weather, sandy dunes and beautiful grasslands in Namibia are worthwhile and will offer you an unforgettable safari experience.
Here is a list of certain places you must visit during the Namibia safari trip.

• Etosha National Park: Considered to be the best game reserve in Africa, the Etosha National Park is home to a variety of species of animals and is surrounded by silvery sands and sparse shrubbery.
• Kalahari: This safari destination has a vast expanse of woodland, sandy dunes and luscious vegetation. You must make it a point to meet the San Bushman of the Kalahari.
• Fish River Canyon: If you want to engage in hiking then you should visit this canyon which is home to the very famous Fish River Hiking Trail.

Some of the other safari destinations in Namibia are: The Skeleton Coast, Sossusvlei, Caprivi etc.

Things to enjoy during a vacation in China

vacation in ChinaIf you and your family members share a love for all things oriental, then a family vacation to China might be a wonderful idea. For a lot of people China is still a country that is situated on the dark side of the moon but the truth is that China is very old country with an ancient civilization and the rich history, culture and tradition of this country has a lot to offer to its tourists. If you are adventurous then you must surely explore the scenic spots and hills of China and discover how beautiful and unique this country actually is.

A lot of people might not be aware of it bit except for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, there is a tropical side to China and this side offers some amazing beaches to the vacationers. In the southern province of China, there is the alluring and amazing island of Hainan which is home to rich culture which beach lovers will thoroughly enjoy. It is the small land and largest island province of China. The most popular destination in Hainan is Sanya and here the white sand beaches of Dadonghai and the bay of Yalong will simply take your breath away!

If you go on the Chinese vacation with the sole objective of taking a break from the daily gring and relax then you can indulge in some golf. Golfing is a very popular travel sport in China and there are four absolutely beautiful golf courses in China where you can swing your club and enjoy the game to the fullest. The top attractions of China are Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Kunming and you must definitely not miss out on these places during your vacation. Since no Chinese vacation is complete with shopping, you can get clothes, shoes, bags and gadgets at very reasonable prices from the Chinese markets.

A family weekend at Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains , travel destinationDo you want to spend a relaxed weekend with your family? Well, if you do then you can plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Located in North Georgia’s Union County, the Smoky Mountains is one of the oldest mountains in the United States and its natural beauty will leave you awestruck!

The great thing about Smoky Mountains is it is equally inviting during all the seasons of the year and it is ideal for people of all age groups. The landscape against which the Smoky Mountains is set is mesmerizing and it offers a plethora of activities. You can indulge in mountain biking or go on the trail on a horseback. You can also try your hand at canoeing, rafting and fishing. You can book a cabin at the Smoky Mountain for your accommodation. This is a pocket friendly option and you can cook some wonderful delicacies for your family while you enjoy your stay in a Smoky Mountains cabin.

Visiting the Crooked Forest, When In Poland

Crooked Forest PolandPoland is yet another beautiful place to visit when in Europe. Most general Euro Tours don’t include Poland but it’s truly like an unsung hero. By no way is it any less historically or beauty wise as compared to the more hyped destinations in Europe. Therefore, if you are in for some splendor and relaxing time in Europe, Poland is the place to go to.

One of the most striking destinations in Poland is the crooked forest. Above 400 odd pine trees grow in this forest situated in the westward region of Poland. It is like any other small forest but the unique feature is that the trees grow crooked. Each tree is bent at a 90-degree angle, a little above the base before it goes straight. The forest is known to be planted in 1930 and the trees were made so by some kind of tool or something. The actual cause of the bent of every tree that grows there is unknown, in this beautiful quiet haven in the woods of Poland.

Enjoying The Night View Of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, travel IndiaTaj Mahal in Agra is the proof of the undying love Shah Jahan (Mughal Emperor) had for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The beauty of this monument is so mesmerizing that you are unable to express it in words. Visiting Taj Mahal during the night time is perfect because the view of the monument at night is magical.

You should make it a point to visit the Taj Mahal at night especially during the moonlit nights. Earlier tourists were not allowed to view the Taj Mahal at night but now the Supreme Court in India has given its permission to allow visitors to witness this gorgeous monument at night.

When the moonlight falls on this white marble monument, it shines like a diamond and looks like one of those castles from some fairy tale. Once you see Taj Mahal at night you will never forget about its splendor and magnificence. Just ensure you follow the rules while visiting it at night time.