Barcelona, spend a majestic vacation with your loved one

Travel Barcelona, BarcelonaBarcelona, the coastal city of Spain has lots to offer to every tourist worldwide. As being the coastal city, there are vast miles of beaches stretching the coast line, among them in the far south lies the Sitges, these vast stretches lovely sandy beaches, and there are many downtown and near the harbour area. The food options being the other great attraction in Spain, foods are the delicacies for Madrid and Barcelona, Tapas is among the food option that you can’t resist on your stay in Barcelona.

Tapas is made with different food combinations are quite cheap. Paella is the other dish that you would regret if you miss while in your visit to the Coastal City. Though the winters are quite cold and rainy out here but the summer months are the best. It doesn’t get the scorching sun of the North or the dulls in the other parts, it’s a unique combination. So the amazing sun with beaches and the Tapas can just make a visit to remember. Sports and culture of Barcelona is world famous, with the best football club and hosts of museums and galleries.

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