Best Places to Visit in Tahiti

Located in the south pacific archipelago, Tahiti is considered to be the largest island in the French Polynesia. The shape of the island is like figure 8. It is divided into two major parts Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. Tahiti offers you innumerous things to do and see. It offers you coral reefs, blue lagoons and sunny and sandy beaches.  Being the largest island, you must make out an extra day and explore the glorious beauty of Tahiti. It is worth visiting Tahiti. You can also see volcanoes in this large island of Tahiti. The culture, people, history and sites of Tahiti is so natural and ravishing that you don’t like to leave this place and its eternal beauty. Here are some of the places which must not be left out while your stay in Tahiti.

  • The market place in Papeete

Market placeThere is a vast market which offers you plenty on things with almost two hundred stands in the market. Your nose will be proactive smelling all the tasty specialties of Tahiti. You can try out the fresh pineapple, variety of black Tahitian pearls and vanilla. The flower market of Tahiti is a must see thing. It captures the attention of both the visitors along with the locals. The special flower includes cana, tiare and tropical hibiscus. The merchandise available in the market is costing only fraction of the price as compared to the items on the neighboring island.

  • Safari visits

safari visit tahitiIt might be little bit difficult to access the island outside the papeete especially between the Tahiti nui and Tahiti iti. Thus many of the companies offer safari tours facilitating easy access to the main spots and landmarks of the Tahiti. Here you also get the guide who gives knowledge about the taboos, myths and customs of the Tahiti. You can go for either half day tour or even full day tour as per your convenience.

  • Tahiti Iti

Tahiti ItiTahiti iti is the smaller part of the Tahiti island. Don’t underestimate it as this is smaller. It still has a varied list of activities to do and gorgeous places to see. This area of Tahiti is little bit more rugged and the accessibility is bit difficult. You can visit the cool white beach and trendy black sand beaches at the shore of teahupoo. Those who are fond of adventure and are in hunt of one can try hiking in the pari trail between Tautira and Teahupoo. This is a two day hike where some of the rigorous points of the Tahiti can be explored.

  • Musee de Tahiti et ses iles (museum of Tahiti and her islands)

Tahiti museumThis museum is one of the most ethnic place of Tahiti which depicts the French Polynesian life in the south pacific. It depicts the geological life of Tahitians and their culture and traditions such as tattoos, burial ceremonies and weaving and much more. It is such an excellent place where you can get the total knowledge about the history and culture of Tahitians and French Polynesians.


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