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Best Places to Visit in Tahiti

Located in the south pacific archipelago, Tahiti is considered to be the largest island in the French Polynesia. The shape of the island is like figure 8. It is divided into two major parts Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti. Tahiti offers you innumerous things to do and see. It offers you coral reefs, blue lagoons and sunny and sandy beaches.  Being the largest island, you must make out an extra day and explore the glorious beauty of Tahiti. It is worth visiting Tahiti. You can also see volcanoes in this large island of Tahiti. The culture, people, history and sites of Tahiti is so natural and ravishing that you don’t like to leave this place and its eternal beauty. Here are some of the places which must not be left out while your stay in Tahiti.

  • The market place in Papeete

Market placeThere is a vast market which offers you plenty on things with almost two hundred stands in the market. Your nose will be proactive smelling all the tasty specialties of Tahiti. You can try out the fresh pineapple, variety of black Tahitian pearls and vanilla. The flower market of Tahiti is a must see thing. It captures the attention of both the visitors along with the locals. The special flower includes cana, tiare and tropical hibiscus. The merchandise available in the market is costing only fraction of the price as compared to the items on the neighboring island.

  • Safari visits

safari visit tahitiIt might be little bit difficult to access the island outside the papeete especially between the Tahiti nui and Tahiti iti. Thus many of the companies offer safari tours facilitating easy access to the main spots and landmarks of the Tahiti. Here you also get the guide who gives knowledge about the taboos, myths and customs of the Tahiti. You can go for either half day tour or even full day tour as per your convenience.

  • Tahiti Iti

Tahiti ItiTahiti iti is the smaller part of the Tahiti island. Don’t underestimate it as this is smaller. It still has a varied list of activities to do and gorgeous places to see. This area of Tahiti is little bit more rugged and the accessibility is bit difficult. You can visit the cool white beach and trendy black sand beaches at the shore of teahupoo. Those who are fond of adventure and are in hunt of one can try hiking in the pari trail between Tautira and Teahupoo. This is a two day hike where some of the rigorous points of the Tahiti can be explored.

  • Musee de Tahiti et ses iles (museum of Tahiti and her islands)

Tahiti museumThis museum is one of the most ethnic place of Tahiti which depicts the French Polynesian life in the south pacific. It depicts the geological life of Tahitians and their culture and traditions such as tattoos, burial ceremonies and weaving and much more. It is such an excellent place where you can get the total knowledge about the history and culture of Tahitians and French Polynesians.


Trip to Berlin

Trip to BerlinTired with your hectic life and overworked schedule? Looking for a quick vacation with family to get your mind off things and get some change of air? Well if you wish to go to an attractive place and enjoy your hearts out, Berlin might just be the place for you.
The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. From museums to galleries, grand operas to guerrilla clubs, there are a host of places in the city sure to keep the entire family entertained throughout the course of the trip.

A number of travel agencies offer tourist packages which consist of sightseeing around the city, visiting famous landmarks and tourist destinations in Berlin as well as an exhibition on the “story of Berlin”. You must not miss out on the exhibition. It is an exciting watch in which you are shown the entire history of Berlin from the past to the present. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and the family.

Some must see landmarks in Berlin are the Bradenburg gate (is found in the western part of the city and plays a very important role in the history of Germany), Schloss Charlottenburg (largest palace in the city, also called Charlottenburg palace), the Fernsehturm (television tower which is 1200 feet tall), the Holocaust memorial, the Berlin Wall and the Museum island. These are just to name a few.
There are ethnic snack bars which cater to whichever kind of taste you have, be it old and posh or new and quirky. Cafes are jam packed most of the time and drinking is a sacred right of all people.
Twenty years after the city took a post war rebirth, Berlin is now a beautiful combination of new world glamour and old world charm. So come and be blown off by the riches, vivacity and quirkiness of this beautiful city.

Valuable Information About Namibia Safari

Namibia SafariAfrican safari trips offer wonderful experiences to the tourists. Those of you who love adventure must make it a point to undertake an African safari trip in Namibia. Namibia safari will give you the opportunity to behold enchanting sights of nature and you will be able to get a closer look at the tradition and culture of this city in particular and Africa in general. So the next time you plan for a safari trip, Namibia should be your first choice.

If you are an animal lover then Namibia safari is perfect for you. You can literally witness cheetahs running at high speed to catch their prey or elephants caressing their babies, while you are undertaking a safari trip in Namibia. Another interesting thing about Namibia safari trip is that you can get a sneak peek into the lives of the tribal people who are living in this city untouched and unscathed by the overwhelming influence of the modern day world. The wild weather, sandy dunes and beautiful grasslands in Namibia are worthwhile and will offer you an unforgettable safari experience.
Here is a list of certain places you must visit during the Namibia safari trip.

• Etosha National Park: Considered to be the best game reserve in Africa, the Etosha National Park is home to a variety of species of animals and is surrounded by silvery sands and sparse shrubbery.
• Kalahari: This safari destination has a vast expanse of woodland, sandy dunes and luscious vegetation. You must make it a point to meet the San Bushman of the Kalahari.
• Fish River Canyon: If you want to engage in hiking then you should visit this canyon which is home to the very famous Fish River Hiking Trail.

Some of the other safari destinations in Namibia are: The Skeleton Coast, Sossusvlei, Caprivi etc.

Enjoy safari travel at Maasai Land

Maasai Land, safari travelIf you like adventures and wildlife then Maasai Maara is the place made for you. The place is four hours away from Nairobi. But in these four hours you will reach a totally different world. Here Nature’s beauty is well defined. The place will force you to fall in love with the Nature. Sleeping near the flowing water in camping tents is an experience worth living. The morning sun and the night sky are mesmerizing.

While you are in Maasai Land, you are living in with the African safari. You would get two chances in a day to go up close to the wildlife in a car. One in the early morning and other in the evening, if you are lucky then you might be able to see a lion attacking its prey. Visiting the place in July and October is the best time. At this time of the year you will see some unbelievable visuals and wildlife of Africa. As for the people, the tribes of Masaai are one of the best tribes in the whole of Africa. Visiting this place would be varied and adventurous. So, visit your nearest tour provider and plan a trip to Masaai.

Exploring the best of Madagascar

Madagascar travel, travel MadagascarMadagascar or the “Great Red Island” is widely famous for its unique system and some of the best natural sights. Here is a short brief on exploring Madagascar at its best. First of all, you have Ranomafana National Park. It’s set up on a huge rainforest with exotically diverse wildlife. The National Park houses twelve species of lemurs & wide range birds and lizards. In fact, the park is said to be the ideal place to view the lemurs, the most famous animal in Madagascar.

Then you have Ile Ste-Marie which is also known as the Nosy Boraha. It’s a small island on Madagascar which was once infamous as the chief piracy center in Indian Ocean. However, today the small island has turned to one of the most fantastic whale-watching spots with great opportunities for many water sports such as fishing, diving and surfing.

You cannot afford to miss out on “Royal Hill of Ambohimanga” on your trip to Madagascar. It’s declared as a World Heritage Spot by UNESCO and is characterized by archaic city ruins, burial sites & religious features of great historic significance.

Discovering the Pyramids

PyramidsPyramids have always fascinated man since the time they came into existence. Pyramids are the pride of Egypt and fall among the Seven Wonders of the World. The Pyramid of Giza is a wonderful example of the mystical art and architecture. These monuments provide a great deal of insight into the Egyptian civilization

If you have fetish for mysteries then you must visit Egypt.Every pyramid has been made with a purpose and it has many mysteries hidden. Historians and archeologists have been working on exploring the unknown facts for decades.The shape of the pyramid itself is a matter of amazement. In that ancient time, how such structures have been built is really amazing. The mummies of the Pharaohs were kept inside the Pyramids. The Sphinx with half body of man and half of lion is also worth a watch. The golden structure in the midst of the sandyEgyptian landscape will mesmerize you with its beauty.

Top 3 spookiest destinations in the world

Horror destinations, travel tipsThe word spooky holds different meanings for different people. While some would think spooky to be haunted by supernatural beings, another would just feel spooky by a walk by the graveyard. Others may also consider any sort of ugly or distorted objects to be spooky. But if you would like to add a twist to your vacation and visit spooky places for a change, here are the top 3 spookiest destinations in the world that would surely make a shiver run down your spine.

Gettysburg, PA is one of the spookiest battlefields in the world where more than 46,000 lost their lives during the civil war. The battlefield is reported to have been still haunted by the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. New Orleans, Louisiana is considered to be one of the spookiest places in the world and the main places contributing to this are the graveyards. Aokigahara forest in Japan is another of the spookiest places in the world and is reported to have supernatural happenings.

Adventurous vacation at its best in Queensland

Travel Queensland, adventure vacationQueensland is the best place if you want to spend and experience an adventurous vacation. The pleasure of freefall and flying in the multicoloured parachute’s, is best felt at the Skydive Byron bay of Queensland. If water-sports fascinate you then I bet you cannot miss the Extreme Jet Sky Hire at Seaworld Resort. The trip gets a little more interesting with the small jungle surfing canopy tours. This is one of the rarest tourist destination were you can have a ball, by the magnificent aerial sightseeing tours. The pristine wetlands and sand dunes can be walked upon and also a chance to meet and greet the locals will naturally be cherishing. Sunshine Coast horse riding trips is offered at Kiah park, which is situated 160 km north from Brisbane and 20km from east of Gympia. Sky drive Australia, Circus arts Cairns, Fordsdale’s Hosre Riding, jetboard extreme are few mention worthy places which make Queensland, a one stop destination for great adventures.