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Things to do in Philippines

Travel Philippines, PhilippinesPhilippines is a wonder place to visit and there are a lot of things that you can do in the country right from the word go. There are loads of interesting stuffs to do here as you visit the place and start your adventure. You can go water rafting in the white water of Cagayan de Oro. You can visit the Batanes and get up close with the beautiful view of Mt. Mayon. You also have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the water park without having to get attacked by them. For mountain lovers you can climb up the Mt. Pulag and get awed by the surrounding sea of clouds. You can spend much time in the underground river of Palawan. You can have a breath taking experience at the Mt. Pinatubo and get your surfing experience better in the La Union. Besides, there are loads of other adventurous stuff to do as well.