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Interesting Facts about Maldives

Maldives - Hut  architecture

Exotic place to visit – Maldives

Dream, Explore and Travel. Want to travel a place that offers you with all this three specifications? Maldives is your place to live you dream, explore your vision and increase your traveling experience. We all know that Maldives islands are among the best destination to spend your vacation. Enjoy the tropical islands, feel the cooling breeze and blue shimmery water. The sea water stretches up to your vision ends. Exploring the private beach huts in the white sandy bays with coral reefs that sums up your dream to live. Apart from its beauties, there are many interesting things to know about Maldives that offers you an invitation and increases your excitement for enjoying your holiday trip Maldives. Tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean should not be missed by the travellers while planning for enjoying a beautiful trip ahead.

Facts about Maldives

  • Maldives is the first island where the first underwater cabinet meeting was held. It was held for spreading the awareness of climate change. The meeting was held in the year 2009 in Maldives. Maldives is the first country to hold this type of meeting.
  • You might be flabbergasted to know that, the first person to recognize Maldives islands came up from India. It was established by an Indian prince. Till real date it is unknown that what the name of that person is. Maldives is thought to be established before 269 BC. It is said that Maldives was first known by the son of the king of Kalinga in India.
  • Maldives have approximately 1191 coral islands that is grouped in twenty six major atolls. It is interesting to know that no other island comprise of this creation. Archipelago with strategic places comprises of major sea lanes in Indian Ocean. 91 percentage of Maldives is covered in water.
  • Maldives is one of the flattest and lowest countries to visit in the world. The ground level is approximately averaged by 1.5 meters and the highest point is 2.3 meters. As the islands are low- lying, Maldives is worried about the possibilities of sinking down. Especially these changes are observed because of continuous effects of changing climate in Maldives.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in Maldives and it is only available in in resorts and hotels. You cannot have it publically. Maldives is a Muslim state that has its own different things and rituals. Alcohol is being banned in Maldives. But there is nothing to fear for the cocktail lovers. You can enjoy and find the alcohol in hotels and resorts that caters the tourists to visit Maldives.
  • But keep in mind that you cannot have it in public places because it is prohibited. Maldives is among the smallest muslin country in the world. It is known for its religious and cultural intolerance. The constitution of Maldives was established in 1997. It specifies that the citizen must be Muslim. It actually forbidden to follow any other religion. It is one of the safest destinations to travel on the planet. It is largely isolated island observed on the planet.

Most Expensive Vacation Destinations Of The World

There are several times, we hunt for cheap destinations or we hunt for such timing when we can travel cheap, this situation is for money saving budgeted people. What if you have a lot of money and you are in hunt of the experiences you can never forget. For such people who have excess money, they want some most expensive vacation destinations. World is full of such spots which offers you with the most beautiful and the most expensive vacation destinations. Most expensive destination for travel not only depend upon the spot you pick for travelling, it also depends upon the accommodation you pick or the dining places you pick or mode of travel you choose and there are many such factors affecting your most expensive vacation destinations. Here is a list of some of the most expensive vacation destinations across the globe which will avail you with the world class experiences and leisure.

  • Oslo

OsloOslo is capital of Norway and it is one of the most delightful and scenic spot across the globe which is filled up with Scandinavian charm. There are several rows of colorful houses along with the gorgeous scenic mountains and how can we forget the fjords which will totally give you a mesmerizing feeling. Similar to its other Scandinavian parts, Oslo is particularly very much clean and safe and most of the people residing there speak fluently English which makes it easy for most of the travellers to approach with people. Being the capital of Norway, Oslo is definitely one of the most expensive vacation destinations of the world. This country is very rich in oil and the citizen of here earn higher wages and quite of the wealth of this country is invested in tourist industry and service sector but they charge twenty percent extra the any other countries of western Europe making this place one of the most expensive vacation destination of the world.

  • Musha cay

Musha cayThe out islands of Bahamas have been known since along time for the famous and rich and thus it is taken in the list of most expensive vacation destination. Musha cay is one of the eleven islands of the Copperfield bay and one of the most expensive vacation destinations among all the islands. The real joy of staying at that island lies in renting the whole island which can cost you $40,000 per night, now you know why it is considered as one of the most expensive vacation destinations of the world. You are allowed to invite 11 people to this place and meal will be included in the package itself. You can avail the fun from activities like diving and deep sea fishing. You are availed with the joy of personal fireworks show which is really tremendous. You can also have customized treasure hunt but of course you have to pay extra bucks for this treasure hunt. Thus it can feel amazing to have an island of yours for a night and feel like you are king but you have a pay a fortune for this and that’s the reason why this place is added in the most expensive vacation destinations.

Things to do in Machu Picchu

 Machu Picchu, travel tipsOne of the eight wonders of the world, Machu Picchu in Peru is a place you should pay a visit. You will definitely enjoy once you are in Machu Picchu. The place has immense scenic beauty with congenial weather. The first thing you have to decide where you stay in Machu Picchu. There are many hotels and resorts in the city with first class amenities for the guests. But if you want some adventure and want to take the ultimate feeling of staying in Machu Picchu, you should go the sacred valley first. There are certain hotels and resorts where you can stay as well. It will be a nice experience of staying in the scared valley.

The area is mainly dependant on agricultural means. You can see agricultural fields rolling out for miles and miles. It is a really scene to look at. You can also experience the culture, tradition and lifestyle of the people leaving in the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu. Some of these practices even date back to the Incas century.

Ollantaytambo is a place containing structures and architectures from the Incas century. There are many other places of tourist interest where you should visit when you are in Machu Picchu.

Discovering the best of Mexican Cuisines

Mexican Cuisines, famous cuisinesIf you are in Mexico then you cannot go away without tasting Mexican Cuisines where local mouth-watering delicacies will simply blow your mind. Most tourists come to Mexico only to taste its exceptional cuisines and delicacies which are rarest in the world. If you are looking for a sweet dish then Camote is the one you should try out. It is a side dish with blend of sweet potatoes, honey and butter and when you eat it you will find it extremely delicious.

Cecina which people say tastes bit like beef jerky can be made from both beef and pork and it should be cooked in right manner so as to let it taste delicious. The look alike of banana, Platanos tastes extremely delicious and it is soft on inside but quite crispy on outside. It can be found in the Mexican section of the grocery store and is extremely delicious to eat.

Travel Costa Rica: Tourist attractions

Vacation in Costa Rica, travel destinationCosta Rica is a wonderful place for vacationing. There are great national parks and some pristine beaches along with a number of other attractive spots for the tourists. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America. One of the most attractive features of this area is eco system.

You can go for the Canopy Tours to see the remarkable diversity of natural life of the country. There are various birds, monkeys and plants found in this area. Then, there are some excellent museums in this area as well. Apart from the interesting museums of history, there are museums of nature and art as well. There is place known as the Jade Museum in the area that has an amazing collection of American jade. There are a lot of other places to go as well. The culture of this place is free and lively. The food is amazing and the climate of pleasant.

Exotic cruise option for you

cruise trip, travel tipsThere are a lot amazing places in the world to go on a cruise trip. One of the most exciting places in this regard is the River Basin of Amazon. It may not be a sea experience but the tropical view will be no less. You can go for a cruise to the Panama Canal as well. There are some amazing ports to visit on this route.

If you do not mind a little heat, you could go to the British Isles. Then, you could go to the various cruises over Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands and Denmark. The Baltic Sea could prove to be a very good experience with exciting stops at Sweden and Norway. You can go to the lovely fishing villages and the enchanting medieval cathedrals of the Norwegian castles. The cruises through the eastern England and Canada can also prove to be a very memorable cruise experience for you.

A travelers guide to the Caribbean islands

Caribbean islands, island destinationThe Caribbean is a beautiful destination when it comes to vacationing. However, it is important that you gather enough information about the place if you are planning on a vacation in this part of the world. One of the best things about this area is the climate. The coastal climate is very comfortable and soothing. It is neither warm nor cold and it breezy most of the times. There are a lot of good hotels and resorts in these areas.

The place offers some of the best cuisines and the seafood is amazing. The Caribbean is also known for its warm and exciting culture and they have a good taste in music as well. There are a lot of places to go starting from the rain forests to the isolated little islands. There is a good diversity of flora and fauna found all over the islands. You may also like to try out some of the water sports that are offered in these islands.

Spending a weekend in the Madeira Island

Travel  Madeira Island, island destinationOne of the most exotic and beautiful travel destinations in the world is the Madeira Island. Nestled in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, it has been said that this island was formed with passage of time when the Atlantic expanded and the tectonic plates of the earth were rearranged. The rocky terrain of this place is the main natural beauty. Untouched by the roar of city civilization, traditional mountain cut roads, dense forests and fresh air-you will get to experience it all in the Madeira Island.

There are also many ancient volcanic peaks in this place which are dormant now. There are some serene and secluded resorts and small inns all around the island where you can have a nice stay. If you want a tan, the quiet and beautiful beaches are always open for tourists. You can go for evening walks in the beaches too to spend some alone time. The whole experience that you’ll have during your stay in this island will be very memorable.

Must visit places when in Singapore

Attraction at Singapore, travel SingaporeSingapore is a great place to be. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go when you are in Singapore. One of the best places in Singapore is the Botanical Garden. The nature is untouched in this part of Singapore and it is filled with life. The climate is wonderful and the abundance and the variety of flora are mesmerizing.

Another great place in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo. For those who love animals, the Night Safari of the Singapore zoo should not be missed out at any cost. It is also a great place to take your kids to. The china town is also a very nice place in Singapore. It is the place where the culture of the area becomes more vibrant. There are a lot of restaurants with great cuisines and there are a lot of antique shops as well in this area.

Sightseeing in Tuscany

Attraction at Tuscany, travel tipsOne of the most thrilling sightseeing destinations in the world is Tuscany. You will be enthralled with the historical cities as well as the picturesque countryside. Once you are in Tuscany you will have many places to visit and among them the first should be Pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa is world famous and it is visible from some distance away. The Field of Miracles is another place where you can pay a visit because of its scenic beauty.

Moving on from Pisa the next stop should be Siena which is famous for the horse races known as Palio. The next place to visit would be Florence, the capital of Tuscany. If you see the record of top cities in the world then you will definitely find this one on that list. It is also a great tourist attraction due to the famous art gallery Uffizi where there are master pieces from Raffaello and Botticelli.