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Europe’s city of cathedrals and bridges, Prague

Travel Europe, EuropeThis city is one of the most visited cities in the whole of Europe, known for its charm and beauty. The city’s landscape will have bridges, Vltava River and high rising cathedrals. The city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. During the World War II, this is one of the cities that escaped the wartime destruction.

This article guides you through the city of Cathedrals and bridges:

• To have a nice view of the city, visit the Prague castle. Since this castle is situated on a hilltop, it provides a wonderful view of the entire city.
• Another must visit place in Prague is the Charles bridge. This is one of the oldest bridges in Europe and was founded by Charles IV in 1357.
• Powder tower, this is a 19th century monument, which has housed the Gunpowder during that time.

Travel delights in Engelberg

attraction in Engelberg, SwitzerlandThe small community of Engelberg is located in the central part of Switzerland. The population of those places is not more than three thousand five hundred. The area is very popular among tourists for the activities in winter. Mountain biking is a very popular sport in this part of the world. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland. The area is also very rich when it comes to cultural heritage.

The area has a number of good spas where you can indulge yourself in complete relaxation. It is also one of the most popular destinations when it comes to honeymoon. There are a number of luxurious resorts that can make your stay memorable for the rest of your lives. There are some amazing cuisines available in the restaurants of this place and there are some good shopping destinations as well. However, the natural beauty of the place is what attracts one the most.

Backpacking across Europe

Travel Europe, travel tipsIf you are looking for a fun and different way to spend your summer holidays this year, then backpacking across Europe is one of the most excellent things to do. If this is your first time, then you need to know what kinds of items you need to carry and how much load to carry. Also having a medical kit and sturdy but comfortable bags is very important. Carry a map of the areas you plan to go to. Get in touch with a European travel agency which also takes care of backpacking trips. It’s best to go with a guide on your first time.

Travelling in groups is also very important for any first timer. Know the climate and temperature in the places where you want to travel. Check out which kinds of communication methods are available there. If you want to camp out, take a whole camping set with you. There are many classes which are held for all campers to train them to stay out in the wild.

Things to do when in Venice

Attraction at Venice, travel tipsVenice is a very beautiful place. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go to when you are in Venice. The area has a charm of its own that is found nowhere else in Europe. The place is very rich when it comes to culture and it has a lot of historically significant sites as well. A very nice place to go in Venice is the San Marco.

It was called “the drawing room of Europe” by Napoleon. Another great place in Venice is the gondola area. The atmosphere of the area is very charming. It is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world. The area is full of musicians, artists and poets. There are a lot of museums and art galleries all over the area. Venice is also famous for its waterways. The boat rides through these city waters are magnificent.

Top 3 European wedding destinations for you

Wedding destinations in Europe, wedding destinationEurope is a beautiful destination for the most important day of your life that is your wedding day! The whole European ambience adds a flavour of romance to the entire event. One or two people may be wrong but not the thousands who are tying knots and exchanging vows at Europe. Definitely there persists the special something.
The top 3 European wedding destinations can be talked about as follows:

1. Historic and romantic is the great cities of Europe. They contain an unforgettable setting for weddings. Leeds Castle in Kent, England which is a few hours from London is a beautiful and most viable place for an impeccable wedding ceremony.

2. With the perfect blend of gentle culture and castaway-island charm, the exotic French Rivera, is an excellent choice for the couples. This provides an unusual gateway-from-it-all wedding destination.

3. Last but not the least Rhodes, Greece is one magnificent destination that can be the perfect spot to look into the eyes of the one you love and say I Do!

Parador of Handarribia

Parador of Handarribia, FranceParador of Handarribia is situated close to the border of France, which is not very far away from the San Sebastian. There are beautiful places like the museum of Guggenheim and the nice station of Bilbao. This place is a castle built in the tenth century by a Navarrean King.

This place has a great historical importance. Al Mansur was a powerful Caliph and he posed a threat to this area at that time. This castle was spared by the Caliph as one of the daughters of the King Sancho Abarca was given to the Caliph. In the sixteenth century, this castle was modeled another time. Napoleon had spent a good amount of time in this place during the time of war between France and Spain. The castle is located by the banks of the river called Bidasoa. This is a very nice place and you could visit this place during your European vacation if you have an interest in history and culture.

Driving across the European countryside

Travel European countryside, EuropeEurope is a very beautiful continent. The country sides of the countries of this continent are mesmerizing. The area of Europe is as big as 10,180,000 km2. The landscapes of the country sided of Europe offer a very beautiful scenic beauty. Each country of Europe has a special appeal in the country side.

The best way to explore these areas is by drive across the country side. European natural beauty has an appeal that cannot be matched by any other part of the world. The sheer elegance of the European scenery sets it apart from the rest of the world. a drive across the European country side and you will be able to experience the surreal feel of the dreamy natural beauty and sometimes it may seem that they are painted on canvas as the surroundings is so perfect. Therefore, a drive across the European country side is surely a worthy experience.

Planning a skiing vacation, Chamonix Valley is the place to be

It can be great experience to go for a skiing experience in the Chamonix Valley. There are no problems with the lodging as there are numerous apartments that are available for you to rent. The landscape of this area is quite spectacular. The skiing season is always bustling with visitors from all over the country. People who have already been there know how it feels like to ski in the Alps of Italy, France and Switzerland.

The slopes are not that groomed but that adds to the wildness of the skiing experience. The adventure of the skiers starts from the Vallee Blanche to the glaciers of the Mer de Glace. The resort of skiing of this area is not a very large one. It is actually a village commune in the Chamonix Valley. Chamonix Mont Blanc is the largest town in this valley. Therefore, pack your bags for a great experience of skiing in this area.