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Fun Games To Play On Your Road Trip

Fun loving Games for road trip

exciting games for road trip

Road trip is always fun. But when you have a long road trip, passing the time till you reach the destination can be bit difficult. You have amazing friends to accompany you on your trip but still with long road trip, chances are there that you get bored. You will probably play music but you will still need some amusement in your road trip to pass your time and make your road trip more fun. You can try out games to play on your road trip for fun. There are plenty of games to play on your road trip which are new and kind of amusing. If you think its only kids who think of games to play on your road trip, then it is wrong my friends. However any aged person can have fun from playing games on your road trip. If you are not aware of the games to play on your road trip then you can have options. Here are some of the games to play on your road trip from which can have fun and enjoy a lot.

  • Name right song

Any road trip is incomplete without songs. One of the exciting games to play on your road trip is name right song. First of all start playing song on the radio or CD. Now guess the name of the song which is playing on the radio or CD. The one who guesses the song first will win. To make this game more interesting any member can shuffle the song midway. If you are playing CD then this will not let the one who is listening to the CD to take the unfair advantage in the game.

  • Silly Willy

Here you have to guess a person’s name. Two likes are involved here, two likes can also be considered here. Say for example you have a friend who likes bikes and banana then you can go like silly willy likes banana and silly willy likes pizza and on the other two dislikes can go like silly willy don’t like pizza and silly willy don’t like black color. You can make two teams and then you have to guess such things. If the person giving the answer fails then the more clues can also be added.

  • The weak hand

This is also one of the fun games to play on your road trip. Here you have to use your hand which you don’t usually use for writing. Any one member among you all will call out a name of any object and all of you have to draw that object in a specified time period with your weak hand. It can be really one of the fun games to play on your road trip as the results you see of all the drawings can be really funny and it is really difficult to draw with moving car and that too with weak hand.

  • Check out sad or happy

Now among all games to play on your road trip, this is the one which involves outsiders also. You have to wave your hand to the person from another car or bike, if you good response the person is happy and bad or no response means the person is sad.

Amazing Facts to know about Northern Lights

Amazing Facts to know about Northern Lights

When we are getting to know something interesting about some interesting place than what you are going to do and how you are going to react back? And if I talk about the most interesting yet one of the most beautiful places which you must go for visiting and knowing, the beautiful northern lights which are also called by the name of Auroras borealis. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places which can help you in just thinking of the beauty of the earth which go d have created in just the fantastic manner. Well, there are many interesting facts to know about northern lights which can help you in increasing your knowledge and grab your cameras to just go for shooting and capturing it in your memory. It is present and called the northern lights because it is present just because of the magnetic field surrounding the earth which effects in different colors with the magnetic effects too.

This article will help you in providing with all the amazing facts to know about northern lights which can help you in getting a different level of your knowledge which you have gathered till now. If you want to know on scientific basis that let me tell you that these northern lights are created with the help of the earth’s magnetic poles which are in the circular pattern which you can also go for having look. There are many amazing facts to know about northern lights which you should go for knowing it like you can get the privilege of watching it from space, not only one color, but it also provides and creates with many different colors, etc. and many such the amazing facts to know about northern lights which can help you in keeping your eyes opened to its core.

Amazing facts to know about northern lights

  • If you might be thinking that it can only present you with one of the color right? But you are thinking in a wrong manner. It is being scientifically proved that it gives or presents with different colors when it comes across with the different ions.
  • These patrons of electrons strike up with the earth’s surface and produces with the different colors of the magnetic auroras of different colors. Not only that, it hits up to the atmosphere which in return produces such waves which are seems in the form of colorful aspects which you can go for having the look at.
  • I know it seems very much interesting and amazing facts to know about northern lights that it is also visible from the space. Yes, I know it is considered to be something unusual right? With the help of satellites it is easily visible to have its views.
  • They are seen 24/7 but it is considered to be visible more good if you go for seeing and observing in the night. It shows up with more clear view and the colors which are been patterned are more beautifully enhanced because of night.

Things to know about Costa Rica

Costa ricaWhile planning for your travel to any of the place you need to get ready with the things which you are in need of. And just imagine that while travelling Costa Rica the things which you are going to need? One of the most beautiful place which you must not at all leave to go for, because it simply defines the ray of getting ecotourism in your ways. If you are having such ecotourism wish than Costa Rica is your place which you need to go for. But there are many things to know about Costa Rica which you need to get acknowledged with before visiting it. This will help you in knowing up with the place in a better manner. It is advisable of having the basic knowledge of the things to know about Costa Rica which can help you in not getting confused while travelling for it.

There are many things to know about Costa Rica which you should be known with because it will help you in using your knowledge and exploring your belief of ecotourism places to go for. I know it seems to be bit messy and complicated but trust me it is going to help you in your travelling while going for Costa Rica for your trip. Well, in accordance to my views, you have selected for one of the best destination which will not only provide you with the experience and but will help you in getting more related and attached with nature.

Things to know about Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is smaller than lake Michigan

Yes, it’s not a false statement; Costa Rica is smaller than Lake Michigan. The measurement of Costa Rica is about 51100 square kilometers whereas on the other side the measurement of Lake Michigan is about 57800 kilometers. No matter whether Costa Rica is smaller or bigger than Lake Michigan, Costa Rica is still full of exciting things to do and places to visit, but this one the things to know about Costa Rica.

  • Costa Ricans are Ticos and Ticas

Yes I know it sounds bit weird but this is one the things to know about Costa Rica. The males of Costa Rica are known as Ticos and the females of Costa Rica are addressed as Ticas. These is the way people of Costa Rica address the genders of them.

  • Costa Rica is nature friendly

One of the things to know about Costa Rica is that this place is very much nature friendly. It consists of approximately 5% of the biodiversity and it has around 20% of the land which is protected in the form nature reserves or natural parks. You will be glad to see the colorful plants and exotic vegetation. The plants and vegetation of Costa Rica is such which you have never seen in your whole life. This is one of the things to Know about Costa Rica. If you are a nature lover, you must not miss out the chance of visiting Costa Rica.





Tips to hire car rental companies

car rental companiesThe best way to explore a new city is to do it by a car. This is so because hiring a car means that you can visit all the places according to your own convenience and at your own timing. But you can only rest assured about this if you have a car hired from the most appropriate company. The vehicle that you are buying must also be the best and must suit your purpose. Here are some tips that you must follow in order to get the best deal for yourself.

a) You must go through the advertisements in the newspaper and online to get the best deals. You must make a comparative analysis between the cost and the services that each one is providing you with. You must also make sure that the charges are explicitly mentioned so as to avoid any surprise charges later on.
b) You must not just rely on the advertisement that is available on the website but you should also make sure that you yourself call up the customer acre service. This will help you to get the detailed information as well as the discounts, if any that they are offering.
c) The charges that will be charged for extra services must be known from beforehand. Roadside assistance, especially if you have elderly people with you will be required. So you should clarify the charges for them. This will be very helpful for you in making the cost-benefit analysis so that you can take a judicious decision.
d) You can also enquire about the car insurance, if any that the rental company is providing. In most cases your personal insurance can also cover the rental car, but you must keep this in mind and talk to the company before making huge payments for the insurance.

These will surely help you to choose the correct care rental company for yourself.

A family weekend at Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains , travel destinationDo you want to spend a relaxed weekend with your family? Well, if you do then you can plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Located in North Georgia’s Union County, the Smoky Mountains is one of the oldest mountains in the United States and its natural beauty will leave you awestruck!

The great thing about Smoky Mountains is it is equally inviting during all the seasons of the year and it is ideal for people of all age groups. The landscape against which the Smoky Mountains is set is mesmerizing and it offers a plethora of activities. You can indulge in mountain biking or go on the trail on a horseback. You can also try your hand at canoeing, rafting and fishing. You can book a cabin at the Smoky Mountain for your accommodation. This is a pocket friendly option and you can cook some wonderful delicacies for your family while you enjoy your stay in a Smoky Mountains cabin.

Visiting the Crooked Forest, When In Poland

Crooked Forest PolandPoland is yet another beautiful place to visit when in Europe. Most general Euro Tours don’t include Poland but it’s truly like an unsung hero. By no way is it any less historically or beauty wise as compared to the more hyped destinations in Europe. Therefore, if you are in for some splendor and relaxing time in Europe, Poland is the place to go to.

One of the most striking destinations in Poland is the crooked forest. Above 400 odd pine trees grow in this forest situated in the westward region of Poland. It is like any other small forest but the unique feature is that the trees grow crooked. Each tree is bent at a 90-degree angle, a little above the base before it goes straight. The forest is known to be planted in 1930 and the trees were made so by some kind of tool or something. The actual cause of the bent of every tree that grows there is unknown, in this beautiful quiet haven in the woods of Poland.

The Elusive Winchester House of California

Elusive Winchester House, travel destinationIf you are an enthusiastic traveler and would like to do something freaky this vacation, you should go for a tour for the Winchester house in northern California. It was owned by Sarah Winchester who was the widow of William Wirt Winchester. They owned a gun company and it’s known to be haunted. According to the legend, Sarah Winchester was told by the spirits around her that she had to build a house and for the ones who had fallen prey to the buckets which they had made.

According to her, it was her only way for redemption. So it’s said that the Winchester house holds spirits from the ones who got shot and died. There are several rooms in that house and people have said that they have heard screams and wails, felt cold spots, felt that they have been touched or grazed by unseen entities. It’ll be a really interesting trip.

What is medical travel insurance?

medical travel insurance, travel insuranceThere are many different kinds of insurance these days. While house insurance, car insurance, life insurance and medical insurance are more common, insurances like medical travel insurance are slowly emerging as the new favorite among those who love to travel. Medical travel insurance takes care of all your medical trips while you are travelling can be extremely helpful in case of medical emergencies.

There is no saying when you might get hurt physically or fall sick and suffer from illness while you are on a trip, within or outside your country. This kind of insurance can be applied for when you are made your travelling plans, but have some time before you leave for the trip.

There are temporary and long term medical travel insurance to choose from and one can choose either depending on what kind of a traveler they are. Medical travel insurance takes care of all your medical needs, from the doctor’s fee to the medicines while you are travelling.

Planning a trip to Dallas

Travel  Dallas, TexasThere are some very interesting places where you can do some very interesting things in Dallas. One of the best places to go to in Dallas is the Samuell Grand Recreation Center. If you are a tennis lover, this is the perfect place for you. Another great place to go to when you are in Dallas is the Belle Star Carriages.

This is a place where you would be able to enjoy rides on horseback. The Tension Golf Course is another great place to go to. It is a very popular golf course in this part of Texas. It is a place where a lot of people and come to this course to brush up their skills of golf. Another nice place to go to is the Little Heroes Baseball. This is a place where you can take your kids to. Therefore, if you are looking for a good family time, this is the place to be.

5 things to do while traveling in Tokyo

Travel Tokyo, travel tipsTokyo is a lovely city and there are a lot of things to do and a lot paces to see in this Japanese capital. The city is filled with huge buildings. One of the best buildings in Tokyo is the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. It is also known by the names Tokyo City Hall or the Tocho. Another great place to go to when it Tokyo is the Tokyo Imperial Place East Gardens.

The Sensoji Temple is also a great place to go to and it is one of the most oldest temples in the city. You should viist this temple during the spring time to experience the Shinto festival. There are some amazing shopping destinations in Tokyo. You will get the best high tech gadgets in the world in the shopping areas of Tokyo. The place in Tokyo in this regard is the Akihabara which is also known as the “electric town”.