Fun Games To Play On Your Road Trip

Fun loving Games for road trip

exciting games for road trip

Road trip is always fun. But when you have a long road trip, passing the time till you reach the destination can be bit difficult. You have amazing friends to accompany you on your trip but still with long road trip, chances are there that you get bored. You will probably play music but you will still need some amusement in your road trip to pass your time and make your road trip more fun. You can try out games to play on your road trip for fun. There are plenty of games to play on your road trip which are new and kind of amusing. If you think its only kids who think of games to play on your road trip, then it is wrong my friends. However any aged person can have fun from playing games on your road trip. If you are not aware of the games to play on your road trip then you can have options. Here are some of the games to play on your road trip from which can have fun and enjoy a lot.

  • Name right song

Any road trip is incomplete without songs. One of the exciting games to play on your road trip is name right song. First of all start playing song on the radio or CD. Now guess the name of the song which is playing on the radio or CD. The one who guesses the song first will win. To make this game more interesting any member can shuffle the song midway. If you are playing CD then this will not let the one who is listening to the CD to take the unfair advantage in the game.

  • Silly Willy

Here you have to guess a person’s name. Two likes are involved here, two likes can also be considered here. Say for example you have a friend who likes bikes and banana then you can go like silly willy likes banana and silly willy likes pizza and on the other two dislikes can go like silly willy don’t like pizza and silly willy don’t like black color. You can make two teams and then you have to guess such things. If the person giving the answer fails then the more clues can also be added.

  • The weak hand

This is also one of the fun games to play on your road trip. Here you have to use your hand which you don’t usually use for writing. Any one member among you all will call out a name of any object and all of you have to draw that object in a specified time period with your weak hand. It can be really one of the fun games to play on your road trip as the results you see of all the drawings can be really funny and it is really difficult to draw with moving car and that too with weak hand.

  • Check out sad or happy

Now among all games to play on your road trip, this is the one which involves outsiders also. You have to wave your hand to the person from another car or bike, if you good response the person is happy and bad or no response means the person is sad.

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