Holidaying in the sleepy town of Sagada

Travel Sagada, SagadaSagada is a small town in Philippines which finds good number of tourists coming down every year. The special attractions to this town are the man made and natural pieces which will really stun you. The calmness and the peace that you get in this town are worth experiencing. You will feel close to heaven and God in this town Sagada in Philippines.

One of the special attractions is the limestone cave named as Sumaging cave which is very big. You might end up not able to explore whole of this cave in a single day. Lake Danum is one place where you can cherish the soothing breeze of the lake while you go berry picking. The people living in Sagada treat tourists like family and would help you with everything you need. The Philippines cuisine in Sagada is also worth tasting. Other spots to visit are Bokong Waterfalls, Underground River, Mission Compound and Mt. Ampacao.

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