Limon, an enthralling destination in Costa Rica

Travel Limon, Costa RicaLimon is one of the best coasts of Costa Rica. It is the best tourist spot for eco tourism. The city of Limon is a place where you need to use the air or boat to reach the place. The Costa Rica is a place where the tourists keep on visiting the place in a flip-flop manner. The city of Limon offers a lot of places of attraction for the tourists that will ensure that they have an amazing time. It is a place of the slaves that were brought for working in the banana fields.

Limon offers its tourist the most famous national park. It is famous for habitat of the largest green sea turtle present in the world. The national park is present in the Tortuga village and it is a road less wilderness. Apart from the Tortuga village, you will find many such villages across the coast line but no cities or towns. The Limon never fails to provide its visitor s with the best tropical eco tourism experience. Here, you can go fishing in the nearby rivers and have an experience of a lifetime. Visit Limon to see nature up-close.

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