Live life at its luxurious best in Argentina

Travel Argentina, luxury travelThe country of Argentina is officially known as the Argentine Republic. Argentina is located to the south of the continent of South America and is an elongated and large country and to the east of it has a long coastline of the South Atlantic Ocean. Argentina shares a border with the countries of Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil to its north; it shares a border with Chile in its west and Uruguay in its north east. The country of Argentina also encompasses the highest and the lowest points of the continent of South America meaning that it spans the entire length of the continent.

Argentina is also one of the most popular travel destinations on the world and is flocked by tourists from all round the globe. It is likely to be one of our best choices if you would like to spend a luxurious vacation. Some of the most luxurious cities in Argentina include that of the capital city of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and many more.

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