Most Expensive Vacation Destinations Of The World

There are several times, we hunt for cheap destinations or we hunt for such timing when we can travel cheap, this situation is for money saving budgeted people. What if you have a lot of money and you are in hunt of the experiences you can never forget. For such people who have excess money, they want some most expensive vacation destinations. World is full of such spots which offers you with the most beautiful and the most expensive vacation destinations. Most expensive destination for travel not only depend upon the spot you pick for travelling, it also depends upon the accommodation you pick or the dining places you pick or mode of travel you choose and there are many such factors affecting your most expensive vacation destinations. Here is a list of some of the most expensive vacation destinations across the globe which will avail you with the world class experiences and leisure.

  • Oslo

OsloOslo is capital of Norway and it is one of the most delightful and scenic spot across the globe which is filled up with Scandinavian charm. There are several rows of colorful houses along with the gorgeous scenic mountains and how can we forget the fjords which will totally give you a mesmerizing feeling. Similar to its other Scandinavian parts, Oslo is particularly very much clean and safe and most of the people residing there speak fluently English which makes it easy for most of the travellers to approach with people. Being the capital of Norway, Oslo is definitely one of the most expensive vacation destinations of the world. This country is very rich in oil and the citizen of here earn higher wages and quite of the wealth of this country is invested in tourist industry and service sector but they charge twenty percent extra the any other countries of western Europe making this place one of the most expensive vacation destination of the world.

  • Musha cay

Musha cayThe out islands of Bahamas have been known since along time for the famous and rich and thus it is taken in the list of most expensive vacation destination. Musha cay is one of the eleven islands of the Copperfield bay and one of the most expensive vacation destinations among all the islands. The real joy of staying at that island lies in renting the whole island which can cost you $40,000 per night, now you know why it is considered as one of the most expensive vacation destinations of the world. You are allowed to invite 11 people to this place and meal will be included in the package itself. You can avail the fun from activities like diving and deep sea fishing. You are availed with the joy of personal fireworks show which is really tremendous. You can also have customized treasure hunt but of course you have to pay extra bucks for this treasure hunt. Thus it can feel amazing to have an island of yours for a night and feel like you are king but you have a pay a fortune for this and that’s the reason why this place is added in the most expensive vacation destinations.

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