Museums in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has one of the most amazing museums in the world. The Florida International Museum at St. Petersburg College is one of the most famous museums located in St. Petersburg.  In the Florida International Museum some of the most popular and most famous epic presentations which comprises of the “Treasures of the Czars” in the year 1995, “Titanic” in the year 1998, “Diana, a Celebration” which was shown in 2005, and “Splendors of Ancient Egypt” in the year 1996 were shown.

Another very famous museum in St Petersburg is St. Pete-Clearwater Museums & Art Galleries which offers the tourists and even the residence of ST Petersburg Salvatore Dali’s artistic works and the history of this world famous artist. Leepa-Rattner attributes by the contemporary artists along with its beautiful beach scenario and the works of French Impressionists. The Museum of Fine Arts is also a must visit for the travelers who are lovers of art and the culture as it offers masterpieces from Cézanne, Monet, Renoir along with a beautiful sculpture garden.

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