Parador of Handarribia

Parador of Handarribia, FranceParador of Handarribia is situated close to the border of France, which is not very far away from the San Sebastian. There are beautiful places like the museum of Guggenheim and the nice station of Bilbao. This place is a castle built in the tenth century by a Navarrean King.

This place has a great historical importance. Al Mansur was a powerful Caliph and he posed a threat to this area at that time. This castle was spared by the Caliph as one of the daughters of the King Sancho Abarca was given to the Caliph. In the sixteenth century, this castle was modeled another time. Napoleon had spent a good amount of time in this place during the time of war between France and Spain. The castle is located by the banks of the river called Bidasoa. This is a very nice place and you could visit this place during your European vacation if you have an interest in history and culture.

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