Sightseeing in Tuscany

Attraction at Tuscany, travel tipsOne of the most thrilling sightseeing destinations in the world is Tuscany. You will be enthralled with the historical cities as well as the picturesque countryside. Once you are in Tuscany you will have many places to visit and among them the first should be Pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa is world famous and it is visible from some distance away. The Field of Miracles is another place where you can pay a visit because of its scenic beauty.

Moving on from Pisa the next stop should be Siena which is famous for the horse races known as Palio. The next place to visit would be Florence, the capital of Tuscany. If you see the record of top cities in the world then you will definitely find this one on that list. It is also a great tourist attraction due to the famous art gallery Uffizi where there are master pieces from Raffaello and Botticelli.

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