Things to remember when off to Bulgaria

BulgaTravel Bulgaria, travel tipsria is very beautiful and amazing country with natural, archaeological and cultural landmarks. If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria it is important to remember a few things as to what to see, where to go and what to do in Bulgaria.

There are lot of places to visit and many things you can go for when you are off to Bulgaria. Before continuing any further it is highly recommended to carry your passport or the Xerox copy with you always when you are travelling in this country as the laws are strict here. Now, if you are a lover of mountain climbing, then you can plan to go to Pirin Mountain, Rila Mountain, Vitosha Mountain or Rhodope Mountain. The Trigrad Gorge is the most famous among the others in Bulgaria. If you are a nature lover then definitely remember to visit the Bulgarian caves like Ledenika Cave, Magura Cave, Yagodina Cave, Bacho Kiro Cave and Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave. For accommodation, there are the famous traditional Bulgarian resorts.

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