Top 3 romantic castles in the world

Romantic castles, romantic destinationsThere are many castles in the world that you explore and get awed by its beauty. One of the most romantic and popular castle in the world is Eliean Donan Castle. This castle is located on the island of Donan which is almost on the west coast of Scotland. The castle is very huge and there are 50 galleries in this castle. Then you can visit the Swinton Park Castle in England. This is castle is very much famous all around the world.

The Swinton Park Castle actually is set on 200 acres of gardens and lakes. You may also stay in this castle to spend your holidays. There are many grand bedrooms where you can make you stay more comfortable. Waterford Castle is another castle where you can spend your holiday. This was built 800 years ago and it has a carving made up of wood and stone. The castle has a grand entrance and vast beautiful gardens where you can spend your whole day.

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