Top 5 Spanish beaches

Top beaches in Spain, beach destinationWanting to visit Spain? Then you must not miss the beaches which Spain is famous for. You will feel as if you have reached paradise once you visit the beaches. They are great tourist attractions and are very beautifully maintained and there are lots of facilities available.

Nova Icaria is a very famous beach where you will find golden colored sand. There are beach bars and restaurants available by the side of the beach. The next beach is the Barceloneta which is considered to be the world’s third best beach having excellent facilities for water activities and also has many cafes by its side. The third beach is the Mar bella beach which is famous for the tourists who often go nude. But there are many shady regions which act as great picnic sports. The fourth can be the beaches of Sitges which are well known for its crystal clear waters which are perfect for swimming. Casteldefells is another famous beach which is apt for taking your family to and also enjoying good food in the nearby restaurants.

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