Visiting the Crooked Forest, When In Poland

Crooked Forest PolandPoland is yet another beautiful place to visit when in Europe. Most general Euro Tours don’t include Poland but it’s truly like an unsung hero. By no way is it any less historically or beauty wise as compared to the more hyped destinations in Europe. Therefore, if you are in for some splendor and relaxing time in Europe, Poland is the place to go to.

One of the most striking destinations in Poland is the crooked forest. Above 400 odd pine trees grow in this forest situated in the westward region of Poland. It is like any other small forest but the unique feature is that the trees grow crooked. Each tree is bent at a 90-degree angle, a little above the base before it goes straight. The forest is known to be planted in 1930 and the trees were made so by some kind of tool or something. The actual cause of the bent of every tree that grows there is unknown, in this beautiful quiet haven in the woods of Poland.

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