World’s top 5 romantic destination

Romantic destinations, travel tipsAre you confused where to go for your honeymoon? Or is it that you want to spend a few hours or days in a romantic environment to make those moments memorable. The worldly creations of the almighty are so wonderful. The
wait is only for humans to find out a compatible place for him or her.

1. The island of Langkawi, Malaysia is compared to paradise. The romance found in the place is a perfect blend of beautiful tropical trees, snow-white beaches, mountains, and turbulent waterfalls.
2. Seychelles may be a small place but one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The calm sea and strong winds provide an atmosphere of perfection.
3. Bali, Indonesia has a unique atmosphere of comfort, romance and seclusion.
4. Greece which is the country of Gods and heroes, offers endless sea’s olive groves and orange orchards which makes Greece a wonderful place for the romance seekers.
5. Paris, the name itself is sufficient to evoke romance. No one can forget the ‘French kiss’.
These are the top 5 romantic destinations of the world. One can easily find the route maps or the travel tips to these famous places. One needs to experience the beauty which cannot be expressed in mere words.

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